Telehealth for Back Pain and Sciatica

Continue Physical Therapy with Online Appointments

If you have back pain, sciatica, or other conditions that are making you uncomfortable and prohibiting you from moving, physical therapy can help. We know the Covid-19 virus is adding challenges to meet in-person. So, we’ve developed ways to help you manage and improve your pain from home, if coming into a physical location isn’t an option.

Why Online Physical Therapy Works

Back Pain and Sciatica Telehealth appointments designed for you

Your healing journey doesn’t stop just because of Covid-19. Pain and discomfort in your upper or lower back, pelvis, hips, or sciatic nerve can have extreme negative impacts on your quality of life. We want to change that. If booking an in-person appointment is dangerous for you, there are ways we can treat you and keep you healing, virtually. 


  • Demonstrate and communicate back pain symptoms via video
  • Physical therapists can see how you’re moving in your home environment
  • Design strength, mobility, and posture programs you can do at home
  • Appointments are one on one with a physical therapist, without interruptions
  • Family member(s) can join you if needed
  • Virtual appointments covered by most major insurances
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    Physical Therapy Assessment For Back Pain & Sciatica

    How we assess and treat you via Telehealth

    We take an individualized and tailored approach to help you get the results you want. Online evaluations and treatments are no exception! Our physical therapists are trained to ask the right questions, identify symptoms even through a computer screen, and tailor treatment programs you can do on your own, at home.


    •  Tailored approach to fit your specific condition and goals
    • Ask the right questions about your sleep, posture, and day to day routines
    • Listen to your symptoms and frustrations
    • Examine motion in your lower back, pelvis, hips, upper back, and sciatic nerve
    • Design programs that fit your lifestyle and home environment
    • Schedule follow-up appointments to ensure progress


    The individual care I received at Health Loft was a refreshing experience after feeling overlooked in so many other healthcare environments. I was listened to by practitioners and my program was tailored to my specific needs and got me back to practicing yoga and pain free in my workouts.


    Back Pain Conditions We Treat

    You don’t have to live with the pain

    Back problems are complex. We spend time understanding the root of your pain and designing strength and mobility programs to help you overcome pain and discomfort. In addition, most major insurances cover physical therapy for back pain and sciatica. We treat a wide variety of conditions, here are a few of the major conditions we commonly treat:

    • Lower and upper back pain and sciatica
    • Herniated or bulging discs
    • Osteoporosis, Spondylolisthesis, and Spondylolysis
    • Facet Joint Dysfunction and Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) Conditions
    • Degenerative Diseases
    • Compression Fractures
    • Post-Surgery Rehab
    • Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis


    Your pain and discomfort does not stop just because of Covid-19. We are committed to helping you heal, build strength, and get back to life as usual. That’s why we acted quickly to get Telehealth services up and running!

    Book an appointment with a Health Loft physical therapist in person or online, today.

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