Pre/Post Natal Pain Relief

How Health Loft Can Help During and After Pregnancy

Aches and pains women experience during and after pregnancy are very normal. A trained Physical Therapist can help relieve pain and get you feeling back to normal, faster. After all, who wants to wait months or years to feel better?

At Health Loft, we work with you to keep exercising the right muscles during and after childbirth. We coach you on how to prepare your body for childbirth, help heal your pelvic floor, and minimize pain and discomfort after childbirth. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a c-section or a traditional birth, our Physical Therapists can equip you for a speedier recovery.

Health Loft Physical Therapists in Chicago are here to Help

We have found the best way for treating Pre/Post Natal pain requires a multi-pronged approach – exploring strength, mobility, posture, general health, and education on how to best perform your daily activities.

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For more specific advice, tips, and exercises, check out our Articles and Instagram page. To schedule an assessment of your pre/post natal pain with one of our physical therapists in Chicago, IL you can call (312) 374 – 5399 or schedule an appointment online.