Posture Retraining

What is Posture?

Posture is about more than just holding yourself in a fixed position for a prolonged period of time to obtain a particular outcome.

It’s a dynamic activity that is a culmination of habits over a lifetime as well as a reflection of an emotional state.

Rather than being stuck in a static position for hours on end, posture should be a fluid process to find comfort that adapts to the various environmental constraints that an individual must deal with on a daily basis. We assist with postural changes for sitting, standing, sleeping, working, and other positions.

Health Loft Physical Therapists in Chicago are here to Help

At Health Loft, we teach patients to find the best positioning for themselves so that they can find comfort in their environment and make adjustments as their environment changes.

Need Help Getting Started With Improving Your Posture?

We have articles to help you better understand how to improve your posture and to position yourself:

  • At home
  • At your office
  • On your couch
  • While sleeping
  • When traveling 

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