What Is Graston?

Graston is a type of manual therapy technique that utilizes a stainless steel instrument with rounded edges to help with the identification and treatment of soft-tissue and fascial restrictions.

It works by first helping the therapist to identify where particular restrictions or knots are by running the tool over your skin.  Once a restriction or knot is located, the Graston tool can then be used to “break up” those restrictions.  Treatment generally consists of the clinician rubbing the affected area with the tool using specific massage techniques.  


Graston Technique is used to reduce pain, improve motion, and improve function by:


  • Breaking down scar tissue and fascia restrictions that may occur after or before an injury.

  • Reducing restrictions by “stretching” connective tissue and rearranging the fibers in a more “efficient” alignment.

  • Promoting healing.

How does Graston feel after treatment?

Patients may feel sore, bruised, or have small red dots in the treatment area called Petechiae.  Icing for 15-20 minutes after treatment can help with reducing discomfort along with drinking plenty of water before and after treatment.

Graston Treatment at Health Loft in Chicago

Our team of knowledgeable Physical Therapists knows that using Graston Technique to help you improve pain and mobility requires expertise and a multifaceted approach. We use a combination of Graston therapy and other factors including strength, mobility, posture, overall health and education to help you achieve the results and relief you desire.

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