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Physical Therapy empowers you to live life on your terms. Don’t let a health condition or injury prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are here to help you begin your journey on the road to wellness  today.

The Health Loft Difference

Physical Therapy Treatment

At Health Loft in Chicago, our team uses an individualized physical therapy approach to address your specific needs and challenges. We will empower you with the exercises and tools necessary to achieve the level of activity and mobility that you desire.

Our PT’s will continue to work with you after your injury or condition has improved so that you can avoid further repercussions and become stronger than ever.


As a previous college athlete, running was and still is a major part of my life. The pain I experienced from an achilles injury last year stopped me from running, which was very difficult for me. My physical therapist at Health Loft worked with me for months to get my achilles back to 100% – it saved my foot! I am happy to say that I’m back to running and am currently training for a long distance race.  They are the best physical therapists in Chicago!


 The Best Physical Therapists in Chicago

Is pain blocking your path to activity?

Conditions our Physical Therapists Treat



Neck pain, low back pain, headaches, and TMJ/Jaw pain.

shoulder pain-salmon


Rotator cuff, tennis elbow, and shoulder impingement.

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Lower Extremity

Hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and foot pain.

Post Surgical Rehab

Total joint replacements, shoulder surgery, and others.

Health Loft Icons_Prevention-blue_Prevention-blue


Risk reduction training program, exercise form/technique training.

We combine the best physical therapy approaches and techniques during your treatment session.

Our Physical Therapist services

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Kinesio® Tape, RockTape™, athletic tape.

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Specialty Services

Blood flow restriction trainingGraston,  Asytm therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, active release techniques, joint mobilizations, HVLA/manipulation, dry needling.

Manual Therapy

Strain/counterstrain, myofascial release (MFR), soft tissue mobilization (STM), muscle energy techniques.

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Movement Analysis

Gait/running analysis, squat analysis, overhead athlete.

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Postural Retraining

Sitting, standing, workplace.

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Specialty Approaches

Telehealth, Maitland, IPA approach, McKenzie approach.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy in Chicago

I know that there are so many of you out there struggling, unnecessarily, like I did to find a way to wellness. I want to help you find the solution to your struggle that is as unique as you are.

James’ journey through injury and recovery taught him that treatment is more than just treating the injury but making sure that treatment is in line with the patient’s goal. He wants to get to know your goals so he can tailor your treatment to your life and your journey.

As a sports enthusiast James knows how hard it is to be on the sideline with an injury.  No one wants to miss out on their favorite activities and their passions. He will do anything he can to get you back out on the court and back on top of your game.

James Alexander Caginalp PT, DPT, CSCS

Founder/Physical Therapist

“I value a healthy and active lifestyle, and I am no stranger to injury.  I understand what it is like to be sidelined and limited from performing at full potential. That is why I decided to dedicate my life to physical therapy and helping others get back into the things that make life enjoyable.”  

Rob brings a fresh perspective to Health Loft as a multi-dimensional practitioner. As a life-long learner, he is consistently studying new concepts and techniques to incorporate into my practice.  He has also recently taken continuing education courses to become certified in dry needling and spinal manipulation. 

Rob firmly believes in an individualized and whole-body approach to physical therapy. Throughout his career, he has realized that each person and injury is unique, and must be treated as such. He teaches all of his clients to pay attention to the details so you can work together to get you back to what you want to be doing. 

Robert Hodges PT, DPT, Cert. DN

Physical Therapist


I’m a trainer and I’ve been dealing with some strange nerve issues in my shoulder over the past year. Physical therapy at Health Loft has helped me start reactivating the muscles that seemed to have stopped firing. Really in depth testing of exercises and movement to get things feeling good again. I highly recommend Health Loft and refer my own clients to them on a regular basis.

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