Online Physical Therapy Appointments

Digital Physical Therapy Appointments in Chicago

Physical Therapy is something that is traditionally done in a doctor’s office, clinic or gym. At Health Loft, we’ve adjusted to make at-home physical therapy possible to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Why Online Physical Therapy Works

Telehealth appointments designed for you

Your healing journey doesn’t stop just because of Covid-19. Whether you’re healing from an injury or surgery, building strength and flexibility, or trying to overcome chronic pain, you can do that from home. Our doctors of physical therapy are trained to administer physical therapy through virtual appointments so you can stay on track from home.


  • Demonstrate and communicate symptoms via video
  • Physical therapists can see how you’re moving in your home environment
  • Our exercises and stretching programs are tailored to the equipment you have at home
  • Appointments are one on one with a physical therapist, without interruptions
  • Family member(s) can join you if needed
  • Virtual appointments covered by most major insurances
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    Benefits of At-Home Physical Therapy

    Virtual appointments come with perks of their own

    Now that we have several months of telehealth appointments under our belt, we’re beginning to see benefits of this service that weren’t apparent right away. In fact, for a lot of our clients, virtual physical therapy makes sense even in a normal world. Here are a few added benefits of online physical therapy sessions.


    •  No risk of re-injury (or infection) traveling to our Loop location
    • Physical therapists observe your natural environment and make suggestions (like how to rearrange your furniture to your benefit or use your space for exercises).
    • A spouse or family member can have better insight to your program, if you wish
    • Programs can be tailored to your living situation
    • Save time by staying home!


    As a previous college athlete, running was and still is a major part of my life. The pain I experienced from an achilles injury last year stopped me from running, which was very difficult for me. My physical therapist at Health Loft worked with me for months to get my achilles back to 100% – it saved my foot! I am happy to say that I’m back to running and am currently training for a long distance race.  They are the best physical therapists in Chicago!


    Insurance Covers Telehealth Visits

    What to expect from our virtual sessions

    We understand that doctor visits are not cheap. That’s why we’re proud to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and most major insurances for physical therapy appointments. Virtual telehealth appointments, included! Don’t miss out on living a better, more pain-free lifestyle because you’re afraid health insurance won’t cover your online appointment!

    • Accepts most major insurances 
    • Includes physical therapy and nutritionist appointments
    • Covers post surgical rehab, athletic injuries, chronic pain, preventative programs, and more. 
    • Covers time spent with your physical therapist on digital appointments
    • May cover some equipment needed at home
    • Opens doors to specialty approaches 

    Your pain and discomfort does not stop just because of Covid-19. We are committed to helping you heal, build strength, and get back to life as usual. That’s why we acted quickly to get Telehealth services up and running!

    Book a 30-min or 1-hour appointment with a Health Loft physical therapist in person or online, today.

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