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Food is foundational to creating a happy, healthy body. The food we eat affects our body’s ability to function well, fight disease, prevent the aches and pains of an unbalanced diet, maintain a healthy BMI and so much more. We are here to help you tailor your nutrition to your specific needs and help you discover how amazing you can feel when you eat the right food!

How Online Nutritionist Appointments Work

What to expect from our telehealth appointments

Now that we have several months of telehealth appointments under our belt, we’re beginning to see benefits of this service that will make sense for many of our clients long after social distancing ends. Here are a few added benefits of online nutrition sessions. 


  • Meet with a Registered Dietitian over safe and secure video chat
  • Easily video chat from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Utilize a free 15-minute consultation to understand if nutrition counseling is for you
  • Ask our dietitians anything related to your specific symptoms, conditions, or needs
  • Receive fully-tailored care to your specific lifestyle
  • Schedule follow-up appointments as needed
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    What a Registered Dietitian Can Do For You

    A holistic approach to healthy living

    Being healthy and having a healthy relationship with food is not a one-step process. Our Registered Dietitians design plans that address both diet and exercise, as well as diagnose eating disorders and design nutrition plans that fit your dietary restrictions and medical conditions.


    • Ditch the weight-obsessed dieting culture and focus on how a healthy diet tailored to you makes your body feel and function.
    • Get actionable advice specific to your age, activity level, dietary restrictions or physical limitations.
    • Talk to our experts in nutrition for sports performance, nutrition for diabetes, nutrition for cardiac health and much more.
    • Learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime and give you a new appreciation for your body.


    Working with my dietitian at Health Loft has taught me so much about my own relationship with food. I leave feeling empowered to take charge of my health and love coming to a place that doesn’t view health as just numbers on a chart.


    A Healthier Relationship With Food

    It’s not just about dieting and working out


    Most people don’t want to run five miles every day or eat kale salad for lunch five times per week, but our culture has endorsed an all-or-nothing, cookie-cutter approach to “nutrition” that looks very much like this. We are here to show you there is a better way. An active lifestyle and healthy diet looks different for everyone, and the best-kept secret around is that having these things can actually be enjoyable!

    • Food is more than just calories – understanding how different foods affect your body is the basis of good nutrition.
    • Don’t demonize food – we won’t ask you to never eat another granule of sugar or gram of saturated fat. Just be mindful of why you’re eating it, how much you’re eating and how it makes you feel.
    • Understand the motivation behind your food choices and how to break unhealthy habits that lead to poor nutrition habits.

    Stress and change are major factors that trigger unhealthy eating habits, and COVID-19 has been a huge obstacle for many people who struggle with nutrition. Our highly-trained nutritionists in the Loop in Chicago don’t want you to suffer more because of social distancing – that’s why we acted quickly to make online nutrition appointments available to you!

    Book your appointment with a Registered Dietitian from our staff today, online or in person.

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