Kristin Paver, RDN, LDN

Specialties:  Eating Disorders, Pediatrics, Weight Management, Mindful Eating, Cardiovascular Disease, GI Conditions (IBS, Low FODMAP, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac), and PCOS.

Education:  Benedictine University

Kristin enjoys collaborating with her clients and supporting them on their journey towards making sustainable lifestyle changes. She believes health is an umbrella term that relies on the balance of nutritional, mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. After coming out of an eating disordered mindset established in her late teens and early twenties, Kristin developed a thirst for knowledge about nutrition to better understand what it means to have health. She whole heartedly believes that food is information for our cells and what we eat is critical to how we reveal ourselves to the world. If we don’t fuel ourselves properly, our bodies are not able to do all the things we need them to do. Kristin worked as a pediatric dietitian at Mott’s Children’s Hospital before deciding to take her practice outside of the hospital setting. With her clients, she works to incorporate evidence-based principles and individualized tactics to support them in meeting their unique nutritional needs.

Kristin counsels clients with a variety of conditions including but not limited to Cholesterol, constipation, Diabetes, Disordered Eating/Eating Disorder, Heart Health, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Health, Mindful Eating, Pediatrics, Underweight Nutrition and Weight Management.