Jessica Picone
Jessica Picone, MS, RDN, CPT

Specialties:  Intuitive Eating, Sports Nutrition, Disordered Eating, Eating Disorders, GI Conditions (IBS, Low FODMAP, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac), Malnutrition, Oncology, and Heart Health.Education:  Clemson University, Rush University

Jessica is passionate about providing a patient-centered approach to nutrition care that fosters a nourishing relationship with food and body. She is dedicated to helping clients reshape their lifestyle in a sustainable and enjoyable way so food is fun again. Her evidence-based and anti-diet recommendations support improving health with zero judgement towards food preferences or body size. In a world full of nutrition misinformation, Jessica is dedicated to providing the education and tools her patients need to thrive whether that includes improving athletic performance, heart health, or overall relationship with food.

Jessica works with a range of conditions including but not limited to sports nutrition, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, other cardiovascular conditions, liver disease, kidney disease, pre-diabetes, cancer, underweight nutrition, digestive problems, disordered eating, eating disorders, IBS.