Anna Velazquez, MS, RDN, LDN

Specialties:  GI Disorders (Celiac Disease, IBS and low-FODMAP, IBD, constipation, GERD, lactase and sucrase deficiency), Healthy Eating and Weight Management, Food Allergies, Pediatric Nutrition (failure to thrive and high calorie nutrition, picky eating, pediatric GI conditions, pediatric weight management)

Education:  DePaul University and Dominican University

Anna is a registered and licensed dietitian who is passionate about meeting clients where they are in their nutrition journey. She works collaboratively with clients to set realistic and practical goals reflective of individualized nutrition plans. She believes that balanced nutrition looks differently for everyone, and client’s medical history needs to be considered along with their resources, schedules, and circumstances. Anna enjoys translating evidence-based nutrition therapies into fun and innovative ways to assist clients in treating their condition or meeting their nutrition needs. She uses her love for experimenting in the kitchen to offer simple and delicious ways to try new foods or spice up staples. Anna strives to create an environment where clients work at their own pace to build healthy habits and become confident in finding the right way for them.