Nutrition for Sports Performance

Nutrition and physical activity are intricately linked. What you eat can positively or negatively impact your athletic performance. Get the competitive edge you have been looking for with the proper athlete diet for your sport. Our Registered Dietitians use proven science and advanced education to create a nutrition plan that supports your goals and enhances your performance. Whether you are a hardcore athlete or just want to maintain an active lifestyle, our nutrition team can coach you on how to use healthy food to fuel your body and bring you the results you desire.

Sports Performance Nutritionists in Chicago

Nutrition for Sports Performance at Health Loft

Partnering with a Health Loft dietitian is an important investment in maximizing your sport performance. You may benefit from working with a Health Loft dietitian if you are:

  • Training for a specific sport
  • Interested in nutrient-timing and how it affects performance
  • Curious about how to use food as fuel in your body
  • Training for a marathon or extended event
  • Wanting information on optimal nutrition while training and performing
  • Prioritizing a food-first approach to achieve fitness goals
  • Curious about safe and unsafe supplementation

The Benefits of Sports and Nutrition Coaching

Optimization of your athletic performance begins with consulting a Health Loft Sports and Nutrition specialist in person or online to discuss your goals. Your nutritionist will work with you to map out a path to success based on your individual needs for your athlete nutrition plan. If you’re ready to achieve new highs in your journey as an athlete, contact Health Loft at (312) 374-5399 or click below to schedule an appointment to discuss your goals with a Health Loft dietitian in Chicago, IL today.

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We accept Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Medicare, and most major insurance plans as well as HSA’s and FSA’s for Nutrition Counseling.

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