Chicago Physical Therapists

How to Find the Right Physical Therapist for You

Finding a physical therapist in Chicago can be a daunting task. Throw in social distancing and extra safety measures, and it’s even more difficult. That’s why Health Loft is committed to serving clients both in person and online with our virtual physical therapy appointments!

Finding Your Chicago Physical Therapist

In Person or online appointments available

You deserve to receive care the way you feel most comfortable. That’s why we’re offering both in-person and online physical therapy appointments. Our physical therapists are currently taking appointments in-person at our downtown Chicago location AND booking virtual appointments through a safe and secure Telehealth portal.

  • Convenient options available for everyone
  • Extra precautions taken in-house to keep things safe and clean
  • Easy online booking for both in-person and online appointments
  • 1-Hour evaluations with a trusted doctor of physical therapy
  • 30-60 minute follow-up appointments available
  • Get your first assessment FREE (15-min appointment)
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physical therapy hero 3

In-Person Physical Therapy Appointments

What to expect at our Loop location

Your health and safety are our top priority. We know it’s important for you to heal from your injury, get relief from pain, or recover from surgery. But, now we have to be even more careful to safeguard you against the spread of Covid-19. Here’s what we’re doing inside our building to help keep you safe and comfortable.

  • Masks required to be worn at all times in the building
  • Complete sanitation of all surfaces and equipment between clients
  • Keeping the building below capacity to ensure social distance
  • Online booking and payment options to minimize interaction
  • Tailored at-home exercises to minimize your time in a gym
  • Virtual follow-up appointments available


The individual care I received at Health Loft was a refreshing experience after feeling overlooked in so many other healthcare environments. I was listened to by practitioners and my program was tailored to my specific needs and got me back to practicing yoga and pain free in my workouts.


Online Physical Therapy Appointments

What to expect at from our virtual sessions

We understand the idea of online physical therapy appointments may seem counterintuitive. However, there are more benefits to digital physical therapy sessions than you may realize! Here’s what you can expect if you book an Telehealth Appointment with a Health Loft physical Therapist. 

  • 1-Hour video call sessions from the comfort of your home
  • Session covered by most major health insurance providers
  • Analyze of how you are moving and interacting in your home environment
  • Suggest changes in your home environment to help your healing process (like furniture placement, etc.)
  • Tailored at-home exercises and stretching programs 
  • The same personal care you get in our building!

Your pain and discomfort does not stop just because of Covid-19. We are committed to helping you heal, build strength, and get back to life as usual. That’s why we acted quickly to get Telehealth services up and running!

Book an appointment with a Health Loft physical therapist in person or online, today.

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